WHOOP 4.0 Health & Fitness Tracker

Wearable activity tracker with personalized health insights to improve sleep, strain, recovery and wellness

$ 240.00 USD
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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED: Purchase includes an initial 12-month WHOOP membership, 4.0 hardware, Onyx SuperKnit band, and wearable, waterproof* battery pack.
  • CONTINUOUS MONITORING: WHOOP is a unique wearable fitness device that offers continuous monitoring of physiological data, including heart rate, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, daily activity and sleep so users can better understand their overall health and wellness status and track their progress over time.
  • PERSONALIZED FOR YOUR GOALS: WHOOP is insight-driven, providing users with clear next steps and a science-backed approach so they can understand and improve their overall health and optimize performance. Track and log your daily behaviors like activity, diet, alcohol consumption, stress levels, caffeine intake and more with the WHOOP Journal. WHOOP then calculates which behaviors help or hurt your sleep and recovery most, making it easier to stick with healthy habits.
  • ON THE GO CHARGING: Get continuous data for days on a single charge with our waterproof* battery pack that enables you to charge on the go while you wear it.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: WHOOP offers a supportive community of users, including professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, who share their experiences and insights. This community provides users with inspiration and encouragement as they work to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Additionally, WHOOP's community provides users with access to expert resources and guidance to help them optimize their health and wellness.
  • MONITOR & MANAGE STRESS LEVELS: Now WHOOP gives you daily insights about your stress, and science-backed techniques to help manage it. Stress Monitor measures your HRV and heart rate to calculate a personalized stress score from 0 to 3. Based on your score, you can choose a breathwork session to either increase your alertness for performance or increase relaxation in a stressful moment.
  • STRENGTH TRAINER: Strength trainer tracks exercises, reps, and weight usage to quantify muscular load, combining the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors with advanced biometrics to calculate the strain you put on your musculoskeletal system. That muscular load is now factored into your Strain, giving you a more comprehensive and advanced view of the demands you place on your body.
  • BROADCAST HEART RATE: Broadcast your heart rate from your WHOOP to devices and apps that are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible, including Peloton, Strava, Wahoo, Concept2, Zwift, Garmin Fenix 5, Trainer Road App, RunKeeper App and more.


Comfortable enough to wear non-stop thanks to new, durable SuperKnit bands, but flexibly designed to be worn off your wrist in new WHOOP Body apparel.


Set a haptic alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at the optimal time based on your sleep needs and cycles.


A robust sensor suite allows you to monitor your key vital signs: Blood oxygen levels, skin temperature readings, and heart rate metrics.


5 LEDs and 4 photodiodes capture your data more often than most wearables, providing best-in-class accuracy validated in lab studies and with third-party testing.


Wirelessly charge your WHOOP with a waterproof* battery pack and capture data continuously—even while in the shower or washing dishes.


Get real-time feedback on your Sleep, Training, Recovery, and Health, plus in-app coaching features to help you optimize performance.


WHOOP monitors your sleep cycles, debt, performance, and quality, to help you know how much sleep you need every night.


WHOOP measures and accumulates your training activities and daily effort with a Strain score that helps you understand when to rest or push.


WHOOP analyzes your key metrics like HRV and resting heart rate to determine a daily recovery score, and shows you how specific lifestyle and training behaviors affect Recovery.


WHOOP now measures your blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, heart rate, and more, so you can see when you’re making progress, or when something’s off your baseline.


WHOOP measures your stress level in real-time using HRV and heart rate. Stress Monitor gives you a personalized stress score from 0 to 3 and suggests science-backed breathwork sessions to either increase alertness or relaxation.


The WHOOP app delivers personalized insights and actionable feedback based on your unique data, behaviors, and goals.


Take the guesswork out of your training with Strain Coach. Based on your recovery, you'll get a daily target exertion goal to help avoid overtraining and undertraining.


WHOOP measures your sleep patterns and debt, so you know how much sleep you need. Sleep Coach can even wake you when you've reached optimal recovery.


Track your daily behaviors like diet type, stress levels, caffeine intake, and more to understand which behaviors impact sleep and recovery most.