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Supwell was founded with a simple mission: to make it easier for everyone to feel their best, everyday.

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We started Supwell to help you reach your max potential

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Hey there,

In February 2020, I switched to a plant-based diet and started on my fitness, health and wellness journey in earnest. In those early stages of personal growth and self-discovery, it was hard for me to find trusted, reliable advice on how to properly nourish my body, and especially not all in one place.

Outside of the medical professionals I saw once a year—who, let's admit it, aren't all that helpful when it comes to holistic wellness—I didn't have a place to turn. It was lots of Dr. Google, trying out new things and failing up in the process.

I started Supwell to fix that, so that all of us, no matter where we are in life, have a dedicated place to turn for all of our health and wellness questions, successes and goals—a shared resource for this lifelong pursuit of doing the best we can with the finite time we were gifted.

Here's to years of growth, positivity and longevity.

Looking forward,

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Guides and products for all lifestages

Whether you're a professional athlete, full-time parent, 9-to-5 tech worker or anything between, we've got you. New to plant-based, old school vegetarian or lifelong vegan, there's something to keep you discovering. No matter where you are, our team has pulled together the resources to help you reach all of your wellness goals.

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Meticulous research, backed by analytical rigor

Holistic wellness means more than just a healthy body. At Supwell, it also means emotional health, intellectual stimulation and mental wellbeing. With that, we pride ourselves on thorough, well-researched evaluation of every company and product listed on our site to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

  • Products vetted by independent researchers
  • Athletic supplements NSF-certified
  • CBD products passed 3rd party lab testing
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Our core principles

We work hard and don't take ourselves too seriously. Here are a few guiding principles that keep us honest

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Keep it simple, silly. We pride ourselves on making it easy for all to access the best wellness products and partner with like-minded companies

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Sometimes sticking to the plan is the hardest part of the journey. We show up everyday with a hard hat and a smile

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We're a company and community of doers. Impatience, when channeled properly, is a virtue—and one of our greatest strengths

Our team

We're a pair of wellness nerds enthusiastically committed to educating people on nutrition and holistic health

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