Spring Energy Gel

Energy gels for high-intensity and endurance sports. 20 pack

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  • Specifically designed high-intensity running sports nutrition endurance & energy gels, our Spring Energy Gel Canaberry are running gels with strawberry smoothie-like taste
  • Featuring a balanced composition of carbohydrates our energy gels for running are the perfect endurance gels; Glucose gel without sugar or maltodextrin overload for running energy
  • Our running gel has medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that diversifies energy sources; Energy gel for cycling that prevents the oversaturation of one metabolic pathway
  • Get instant gentle energy spike from our gels for runners with active ingredients that prevent GI distress; Endurance gel with smooth texture and mild sweetness with rich berry flavor
  • Enjoy high-quality natural food ingredients in your sports gel that's easy to keep for your marathon running fuel; Vegan electrolyte gel with a great taste and goes down easily on your stomach

Ingredients: Basmati rice, organic banana, strawberry, maple syrup, coconut water, unrefined coconut oil, cassava, non-GMO lecithin, lemon juice, guarana, vitamin C, citric acid, salt