Polar Pacer Pro

Advanced GPS running watch with ultra-light design, grip buttons, training program and recovery tools

$ 300.00 USD
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  • Polar Pacer is a no-nonsense running watch that gives the modern runner all the essentials such as time, pace, distance, laps, accurate GPS, and precise heart rate tracking, plus the specialised training, sleep, and recovery tools they need to do one thing better: Run.
  • Specialised Training and Recovery Tools: Personalised guidance and feedback with short-term and long-term monitoring of training strain and cardio load.
  • Accurate GPS: A new integrated antenna design for improved movement tracking to measure every turn and every stride.
  • MIP Colour Display: With thinner glass lens and improved backlight function for enhanced screen contrast, clarity, and experience any time of day.
  • Enhanced Processor & Ultra-light design: For faster, smoother, more powerful performance and screen transitions. Stripped back for maximum comfort and optimum performance with a thin, lightweight shell, and super grip buttons for improved usability.
  • Sport type: swimming
  • Included components: polar pacer pro gps running watch size m-l, extra wristband in size s, wristband adapters for standard 20mm band, usb charging cable, getting started guide, information note

You. Better. Move.

This is a serious sports watch that equips athletes with seriously powerful training tools.

+150 Sports Profiles

You can choose any sport you want.

You love running, but you like to do other things too: pick any sport in Polar Flow and get customized views, tracking, and metrics for it on your watch.

Training Load Pro™

But don't overdo it.

Know if you’re training too much, too little or just right: improve your performance, prevent injury.

Optical HR Technology

We get under your skin like no one else can.

We took the algorithm that omits motion from the equation and made it better, then we made the sensor smaller and removed the famous Polar bumps. Why? Well, we discovered the “Goldilocks Zone” for heart rate measurement – not too big, nor too small, it’s just right.

A sports lab on your wrist.

Normally, you would have to go to a laboratory, stick a mask on, and run on a treadmill until you’re exhausted just to get your VO2max value - not any more.

How far are you willing to go?

The new antenna design allows you to track every stride with improved accuracy wherever you run.