noxgear Tracer Chest Lamp

Rechargeable 500 lumen chest-strapped LED Light for safe nighttime and early morning running

$ 25.00 USD
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  • 500 Lumen Chest Lamp - Securely attaches to the Noxgear Tracer2 or Tracer360 Light Vest
  • Up to 5 Hours Burn Time - 5 hours on low-mode (250 lumens). 2.5 hours on high-mode (500 lumens).
  • Rechargeable Battery (USB-C)
  • Weatherproof & All-Season Design
  • 100° Horizontal Beam Spread with Vertical Swivel Adjustment

Better than a Headlamp

You will see rocks, bumps and holes with more depth perception than using a headlamp with our chest-mounted lamp.

See the Full Path Ahead.

The 100 degree spread of light is perfect for all types of roads and trails.

You'll forget that it's there.

  • The Tracer Chest Lamp includes a secure buckle clip that fits to any version of the Noxgear Tracer Vest.
  • A secure, stable attachment.

Fit to You

  • Quick and easy to adjust up to 80 degrees in the vertical direction.
  • Holds securely in place during use.

Any Weather. Any Season.

Engineered to withstand all types of conditions and active uses.

Up to 5 Hours Burn Time

  • 5 hours on low (250 lumens)
  • 2.5 hours on high (500 lumens)