Wellness Workbook

A workbook for personal growth. 280 pages with sections on goals, exploration, action and relaxation

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  • Wellness workbook features 288 pages (or 144 sheets that all have a perforated edge to tear away easily) of content to help you work on your own wellness and continue your journey of personal growth. It's basically a pocket therapist!
  • Includes over 100 pages on goals, exploration, action, and relaxation. It's full of advice, encouragement, and things to do that'll help you feel your best and have some fun at the same time
  • Health journal also includes tear-away cards full of great advice and encouraging quotes that you can take with you for daily motivation. Put them on your mirror, your desk, or your bedside table
  • Wellness planner helps to keep you on track mentally and physically with features like tips, gratitude lists, and daily (and weekly!) check-ins that are based on your personal emotional rating system! Daily journal pages will last you 3 months if you fill out 1 page per day
  • Journal with prompts measures 8 inches (20.3 cm) x 6 inches (15.2 cm) and is split into five colored sections (red, yellow, green, blue and pink) that each represent a different aspect of wellness and personal growth. We hope these colors help you express feelings, set intentions, and find moments of joy in the day to day!

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Color Feel Your Best

Theme Book

Pages 280 Pages

Cover Material Paper

Number of Items 1

Binding Paperback